Company sales

The sale of a company, in part or in its entirety, is a matter of enormous sensitivity. Our many years of experience have shown us that this is usually a one-off experience for the businessperson concerned, and it must be handled not only with the necessary discretion and great tact but also with the utmost professionalism.
Our expertise in this field combined with our personal attributes have ensured that our past work with numerous family businesses — but also for larger concerns and financial investors — has been highly successful, and we have successfully assisted in a variety of transactions. Many of our clients have worked together with us on a number of occasions, and they very much appreciate their pleasant and effective working relationship with us.

Our particular combination of expertise (corporate finance experts and insolvency administrators) has made us a much sought-after partner for insolvency administrators and companies in complex problematic situations.
Here, too, we are able to develop individual solutions and assist in their implementation, ensuring that our clients’ interests are best served.

We would be happy to discuss our individual approach to your particular needs in person with you with no obligation.

Company purchase

The strategic expansion of your own company is a decision that usually represents a considerable business opportunity but also involves a very large element of risk. This is true for both horizontal and vertical takeovers, particularly with international transactions.

We can work together with you to develop and implement an acquisitions strategy. To do this, we review possible targets for their strategic fit, availability and possible purchase price, showing you the inherent opportunities and risks. Of course, we are also happy to check out any concrete possibility for you that is currently on the market.

We are there for you and your company throughout the entire acquisition:

  • from the first approach
  • in the early discussions
  • for the evaluation
  • for due diligence
  • during contract negotiations

right through to the completion of the takeover.

With our experience and network, we are happy to support your company in its international expansion, too.

We will discuss the particular goals of your company with you and, following our no-obligation discussion, we will propose a possible acquisitions strategy for you.